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​About Us

生命是一場充滿變化、歡笑和愛的旅程。Studio Bees 的成立,就是要為前來拍照的小主角及家人,捕捉那份甜蜜、純真及珍貴的情懷。

總公司Lavi Studio Ltd 於2017年成立,現時於沙田石門 (LaVi Baby)觀塘 (Studio Tree)及荃灣 (Studio Bees)也設有實景影樓,各具特色,為顧客們在不同的人生階段留住倩影。

Life is a journey that full of changes, joy and love.  We, Studio Bees, are dedicated to capturing the sweet, pure and precious moments.

Our head company Lavi Studio Ltd was founded since 2017.  Currently, we have 3 branches locate at Shatin ShekMun (LaVi Baby), Kwun Tong (Studio Tree) and Tsuen Wan (Studio Bees) accordingly.  All of them are specially designed and set with real scenes, to help capturing the beauty of our costumers in different stages of life.



​Feel Free for booking or enquiry.

電話 Tel: 5980-8087 (whatsapp)

電郵 Email:

​地址 Address: 


2801, Ew International Tower, 120 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan

前來方法 How to get here

1. 自駕泊車 Drive & park (按距離排序 arranged by distance)

  • 安泰國際中心地下停車場,只有兩個泊位,約每小時$40。
    Parking garage in Ew International Tower, only 2 parking spaces, rate at about $40/hr.
    [地圖 view map]


  • 樂悠居 Indi Home Car Park ($28/hr, $150/day park)
    [地圖 view map]


  • 立坊停車場 H Cube Parking ($20/hr)
    [地圖 view map]


  • 大通停車場 Datong Parking ($14/hr, $70/day park)
    [地圖 view map]


  • 金偉停車場 Goldway Parking ($17/hr, $100/day park)
    [地圖 view map]


2. 的士或Uber 落車位置 Taxi or Uber drop off location

  • 安泰國際中心地下停車場入口 Garage Entrance of Ew International Tower
    [地圖 view map]


3. 附近公共交通 Public Transport nearby

  • 小巴路線 Mini-bus routes
    87K, 312, 409K/S
    落車站提示 (視乎路線):樂悠居/鴻福堂集團物流中心


  • 巴士路絡 Bus routes
    32H, 33A, 41M, 42M, 43B, 49X, 234M
    落車站提示 (視乎路線)

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